Public Speaking & Presentation


You might have a presentation, a lecture or a speech, perhaps our work is based on self presentation, social media, YouTube channels...

Whatever the goal is, we need to present ourselves before representing our product. We need to present ourselves before representing our company/organisation. We need to "sell" ourselves before selling our idea or vision. That applies to business, academy and private.


I will not say magic words that promise to transform you in a second into a professional, self confident and a charismatic public speaker, but with the relevant program and action we will be able to gradually transform fundamentally.


Public speaking can be a challenge for some of us, but if we need to present ourselves in public we have to overcome that challenge.

As a professional performer, I have professional tools that can lead to high levels of performance.


A public speaking coaching session can be related, either to a specific presentation or a continuous process of training.


Short term goals:

  • presentation
  • speech
  • pitch
  • lecture


Long term goals:

  • Overcoming Fear of Public
  • Self Confidence
  • Presence and Charisma
  • Voice Presence





"Shredy Jabarin has helped me to become aware of the communication that goes beyond the words, the non-verbal communication, the real objective of my presentation, the intention. I can learn to master intentions over impulse and become aware of what I really communicate. I enjoy every coaching, from the beginning. I always have the feeling of having learned something about me." Montse Cervera, HR Consultant