Improve your manliness and manly skills with Method Acting Techniques


  • Grow the emotional intelligence to create your relationships.
  • Design and build your image to represent yourself.
  • Develop your communication skills to interact precisely with your environment.
  • Use the codes, tools and strategies to deal with society.



"My awareness & perception was sharpened having completed these sessions and helped me to formulate life coping strategies for the future, Shredy also taught me the power of clear communication and the impact this meant on others to bring clear coded consistent communication. The skills that Shredy have taught me have helped me immensely in developing my career to new heights." J. White, United Kingdom, Team Manager


What defines a man?

What makes a man successful in life, in business, in relationships, in dating and in achieving goals?


Nowadays, it seems like some men are in a crisis that makes them feel confused and act without direction. Some men didn’t have a successful role model that could inspire manhood, adulthood and success, others have just been disoriented. Those who are already confused add more confusion by joining trendy workshops that teach men how to fake it. How to fake confidence, how to fake power, how to manipulate women, how to manipulate colleagues at work… but even those who could succeed to achieve some goals by faking it, would feel emptiness and lack of meaning, if they couldn’t genuinely live the emotional experience that was meant to be part of the process to that success.

For example, if a man is attracted to a woman, but he cannot bring his manly charm out, and instead he chooses to impress her with his fancy car, she may accept to date him because of that and he may even succeed to marry her eventually. But deep inside him, he knows that she didn’t love him for who he was, but for his wealthy lifestyle. That feeling of being worthy for the possessions rather than for who one is, could create a lifetime misery, despite the financial success. And no money would help to fix that, no hotels, no luxurious vacations, no presents… Only the work on oneself to acquire the relevant awareness and techniques can help.


And when I speak about “working on oneself” I mean what we call in the world of professional acting, working on the character. The character that includes all the traits, emotional and intellectual, the manly systems, communication skills, codes of conduct, the habits and techniques that the man uses consciously and subconsciously, the image ...



The difference between this and familiar psychology is that many psychologists didn’t learn how to practice their theoretical knowledge. Therefore psychologists can have a lot of theory and general concepts on hand that only stay on the verbal and intellectual level. Unlike professional actors who, in addition to studying psychodrama and the mind of the character, must also learn to apply this knowledge on stage with different emotional states and with actions, creating life, characters, relationships, conflicts …


In addition to psychology, there's also trending workshops and courses that teach men how to work only on their image, as if the image and appearance were the essence. This can be attractive, because the opportunistic nature is constantly scanning for shortcuts. But the image is not the essence. It’s just the expression of the character. Only by going the whole way and the extra mile we would be able to fundamentally change.


Looking for shortcuts and working only on the exterior aspect would not only get the goal missed, but also would create more confusion and even more frustration. Think about a good looking man who dresses with fashionable brands and goes everyday to the gym to build his body, and wonders why a girl that he likes chooses to date a man who doesn't look as good as he is nor he wears such stylish clothes.


It’s about his character. The solution is here and it’s far from the eyes of the pop culture. I invite all those who are looking for this specific kind of knowledge to join my private coaching/Skype coaching and to work on their manly character.


For me it’s not only about improving my students’ experience, but also helping to create a society of gentlemen who maintain a standard that is based on the codes of manhood.


We are aware, we are awaken, we are responsible, we have our destiny in our hands and from there we begin. Contact me to book your first session and I'll be glad to take you to a life changing experience.



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