Between Worlds - Short Documentary/Image Movie

A short documentary film and image movie about a musician, song writer and producer from Berlin - Maria GoJa. Maria created a unique genre that combines intercultural music.

What kind of music is that?

What is it to be a free & independent artist in Berlin?

How do we bridge between cultures through music and art?...


Disconnections - Short Film

Disconnections is a short film about our lifestyle in the new western world. A story of 5 young people, 3 who long for connection, but don’t succeed to create it. So they try to reach it through virtual techniques, the thing that creates more loneliness and more disconnection. This thing leads the three characters to...


I am That - Experimental

I am That. I see my reflection in everything. Physical reality is the manifestation of my inner world. I am everything and everything is me. I’m the actor and the viewers,  the writer and the reader, the teacher and the student.

A point of view on us experiencing reality, a unique perspective of seeing ourselves in ...