Communication & Group Dynamics


We are all performers. Whether we perform on stage, off stage or in any daily process. For years we’ve been influenced by beliefs that were designed by our relationships, a thing that kept us inside the limitations of our concepts and programmed perceptions.


When we go outside and meet a society rejecting our concepts to be true, a conflict is triggered. And the conflicts are the moments of truth. All fake image manipulation and virtual lifestyles will be tested in the face of Truth. Only then, they’ll be found to be useless or useful.


When we get frustrated when people don’t buy into our conceptualised image, it only shows that there are no shortcuts and that we can’t fake it. Therefore we have to work on it, and develop our communication and social skills to find our way in real time, in personal life and in professional life. We needs a high level of performance in order to be able to survive toxic environments and function effectively in the workplace and in personal relationships.


If you feel that your working environment turns to be toxic, dysfunctional, making you more confused with increasing doubts, inner and outer conflicts,

if the quality of your performance is not bringing you the results that you wish, contact me for guidance.


  • Group Dynamics
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Improvisation and Systematic Performance


For businesses, teams and self organised groups, his kind of work can also be addressed in workshops and classes for groups.




"Having experienced the front end the deliberating effects for several years of a dysfunctional working environment that had created a significant amount of inner and outer conflict in me, Shredy took me through the steps to address this.

Working with Shredy over several sessions I began to see the forces, energy and interplay of people within the working environment and how this complexity of interactions could be acted out in the word of motion.

This was a fascinating discovery for me and for the first time in my life i could see physical manifestation unfolding during the performance class. Shredy did not give up on me when the learning became challenging.

My awareness & perception was sharpened having completed these sessions and helped me to formulate life coping strategies for the future, Shredy also taught me the power of clear communication and the impact this meant on others to bring clear coded consistent communication. The skills that Shredy have taught me have helped me immensely in developing my career to new heights." J. White, United Kingdom, Team Manager,