Ethos vs The Image of Sophistication 12 June 2019

Sometimes we meet people and look up to them preconditionally . We expect too much from them. Not because we know what they’re really made of , but only because of their image or an Ethos that they... Read more!

What we can learn from our history 7 June 2019

No, this article is not about geopolitical history. It’s not about Trump, rise of Neo-Nazism and national populism. It’s not about decline of the west, decay of the middle east or growth of China... Read more!

I am Mr. Multiculturalism 31 May 2019

In the past years, the word Multiculturalism became a bad word. I take that personally, because I didn’t choose it because I wanted to feel "international" or special, out of a need to appear cool or for political gain... Read more!

Trolls, bots and Viral Marketing 30 May 2019

I rarely comment on people's tweets. More rarely I comment under tweets of accounts or people that I don't know personally. However, a couple of days ago, i tried to do that, perhaps even for the first time. I didn't insult anyone. I just set a statement about... Read more!