artist & teacher

artistic direction




This option is available for those, who would like to walk the path of their passion into achievement and fulfilment, from

A to Z, without being dependent on other people, governmental funds, sponsorships...


Many feel that all they need is one photography session, one social media work or one (viral) video... in order to create their journey. Sometimes they do it just because they have seen someone else doing it. But they cannot see the connection between this and the big picture and how to continue from there.


So One would be investing time and efforts without actual success. And after repeating this again and again, One might lose hope, that things can actually change.


The ability to see the big picture and to connect all the pieces into one complete unit is a rare skill and a science that I have studied and successfully worked with for almost two decades, and in addition to building my career, I have succeeded also to help others achieve their goals and transform their lives, not only through (verbal) guidance and inspiration, but also by execution, action and actual achievement.


The Artistic Direction includes:


  • Coaching and Inner Preparation
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Image Design
  • Media Production
  • Promotion and Public Relation