The Wisdom of E-Motion

Online Course by Shredy Jabarin


What can we learn from the world of action, improvisation and psychodrama about growing our emotional intelligence, building our characters and designing our relationships?

Most of our interaction is subconscious. Those who are able to read the emotional map and to interact with it proportionately can grow their emotional wealth as a life resource and protect it from waste and from narcissistic attacks.



  • The wisdom of using and channelling our emotional wealth is crucial for maintaining balanced relationships and emotional health.
  • For those who lack emotional wealth this would be the tool to enrich their emotional experiences and to be emotionally independent from others’ emotional supply.
  • For those who are emotionally wealthy, this tool might be the hope and the technique to protect themselves from emotional abuse and emotional challenges in the personal, social and professional relationships.



Course Process

The course should take approximately 8 months (Including the exercises).


Files & Content

After downloading and extracting the zip files into your computer you will find 13 files

  1. PDF Document - The Course Map/Manual - 7 pages
  2. 4 Videos  Structure, Tools,  Obstacles,  Structure of the Emotional Entity, The Path -    75 minutes
  3. 1 Video - Exercises - 19 minutes
  4. 5 Sound files of the Videos - 95minutes
  5. 2 Sound files -  Acknowledgements - 60mintues
  6. PDF Document -  Acknowledgements - 2 page
  7. (Optional) 3 Follow Up personal online session
  8. For the Course + Follow up package, there will be a significant discount on Personal Coaching that would be valid for a year from the day of joining the course.
  9. In addition to the package of the course, you are having or you will have (for new subscribers) access to my online content of tens of videos that contain more than 620minutes (10hours)material addressing the themes of self development, intellectual and Emotional growth. This Subscription is offered for free to all participants, followers and subscribers.
  10. If you'd like to join the course's closed Telegram Channel, please send us your Telegram number that we add you and keep you updated with all information that are relevant to the participants, future online events, offers... This is optional and reserved only for the course's members.





  1. Downloading the course might take 15-30 minutes, depending on where you live and the speed of your internet.
  2. To avoid any interruption, download the course first to your computer and after that you can move it to your tablet or mobile phone.
  3. To avoid any interruption and for your safety, use your private internet, via WIFI or the cable. Avoid using 3G or public networks.



  1. Fill the application below.
  2. My team and I will reply within less than 48hours with the registration details/link.
  3. you can register using PayPal or IBAN transfer
  • In case of choosing PayPal for the Course option, that would take you immediately to the download page after completing the transaction. In case you choose the Course and the Follow Up additional option, you'll be receiving the link to your email within 24hours)
  • IBAN is optional for European citizens, the transaction might need 2-3 business days to be complete. You'll be receiving the link to the download page then.
  • Note: For European citizens, the IBAN's advantage is a lower price, for avoiding PayPal additional fees.



After clicking on the link that you've received via email or after the automated redirection of PayPal, you'll be taken to the download page with the following download links:

  • The Wisdom of Emotion
  • The Wisdom of Emotion

Click on each one of them only one time and wait until the end of the download procedure15-30 minutes.

Please, do not try to reload the page or to click on any link before the procedure is complete.


In a case of disturbance or confusion while downloading the files, don't hesitate to contact me and my team will be there to help you download the course ASAP.


Follow Up Sessions (Optional)

This is an option that allows the participant to have three private sessions for very low fees relative to normal private coaching.

Those session would take place:

  1. 3 weeks after starting the course
  2. before beginning the exercises level
  3. 1-2 weeks after starting the exercises video

These private sessions, 1 hour each, are meant to give the participant personal attention, answers and guidance through personal challenges that result of the new observation and the transformation. That last Follow Up session would also be important also for correction of the exercises in case of missing the details.


Best wishes

I wish you success and a lot of value through the journey of the course and I'll be here for you for questions and follow up.


Prices and Plan



Such Online Courses without any Follow Up could cost












I believe that the course contains high quality, unique and effective content. Despite that, I wanted it to be attainable. Therefore, the low prices of the course are not an indication to low value, but only to the will and intention to make it affordable to as many subscribers as possible.



Plans & Prices

detailed below



150€  190€       280€  330€










Course and Free Content, IBAN transfer (The download link will be received within 2-3 business days)



Course and Free Content, PayPal transfer (Immediate download after transaction)



Course, Free Content & 3 Follow Up sessions, IBAN transfer (The download link will be received within 2-3 business days)

Optional: a discount on coaching sessions for a year. Cost: 65€ per hour.



Course, Free Content & 3 Follow Up sessions, PayPal transfer (The download link will be received within 24 hours)

Optional: a discount on coaching sessions for a year. Cost: 65€ per hour.



* IBAN transfer is recommended for European Citizens in order to avoid digital & PayPal additional fees.


** PayPal is recommended for non European Citizens, in order to avoid expensive bank (IBAN) commissions of international





Course + 3 Follow up sessions


Optional: Discount on private coaching sessions.




To apply to the course, send me the following information to the E-mail:







Telegram number (Optional) for joining our closed Telegram channel and stay updated.