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Skype/FaceTime Performance Coaching


Work on your performance techniques, public speaking, communication skills and group dynamics, without getting out of your house.

Skype coaching is a very comfortable tool to work on oneself from any country and city.  All you need is an internet connection and a device.

To know more about the specific coaching, visit the relevant page.

          Public Speaking

          Performance coaching

          Casting and audition preparation

          Artists Coaching

Prices & Packages

for individual, Including credit card and Paypal fees

• 74€ Per hour, for one time session.

• 540€ for ten hours process (50€ per hour).

via bank transfer SEPA

• 70€ Per hour, for one time session.

• 500€ for 10 hours process, paid ahead.

Booking the first session is very easy & simple. Just follow the steps!

1- Fill the following application and click Apply!


Bank Transfer (SEPA)

IBAN:  DE59 43060967 1172278900


Credit Cards and PayPal

2- I choose one of the five dates that you suggested and send you a confirmation of the session date.

4- Confirm the transfer of the fee within 48hours.

5- I send you a second email confirming the final date and a Skype contact request. Please accept my Skype contact request.

6- Session booked! I'll be calling you on Skype/FaceTime just on time :)