Public Speaking Coaching

Do you have  

- a presentation at the office,

- a speech in front of your students,

- to present your idea or startup in front of investors,

- to perform in front of your teachers at University?

Do you feel unsure from where to begin and how to approach it?

If you face challenges handling your performance in front of audience and if you need direction, this is my profession and I'll be glad to help you with that.

Public Speaking and Performance in public, in business and even in personal life can be very confusing for many reasons. Sometimes we learn all what we learn from confusing sources and we buy into their approaches subconsciously, not because of the professional value, but probably, because they functioned as role models, or because they were charismatic or maybe we simply didn't see a reference or an alternative. As a result, we end up with confused intuition, repeating same mistakes and reaching same undesired results.

The art of performance includes professional systemic methods and techniques in addition to improvisation skills and every performer has his/her unique life experience that creates his/her unique strengths and weaknesses.  

Together, we find your own strengths and weaknesses and create the one and only specific recipe that suits you as a unique individual.

A public speaking coaching session can be related to, either a specific presentation or a continuous process of growth.

To help you achieve your desired results, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Price (per individual)

• 70€ Per hour, for one time session.

• 500€ for 10 hours process, paid ahead.

"Shredy Jabarin has helped me to become aware of the communication that goes beyond the words, the non-verbal communication, the real objective of my presentation, the intention. I can learn to master intentions over impulse and become aware of what I really communicate. I enjoy every coaching, from the beginning. I always have the feeling of having learned something about me." Montse Cervera, HR Consultant at Keysight Technologies