Logos Pathos and Ethos are the code to Aristotle's system of rhetoric. In addition to rhetoric and persuasion, this code is being used for many other fields of our lives and it's necessary for improving and developing our performance abilities. In my coaching, Logos Pathos Ethos are to become a mindset to perform with and even a lifestyle to live by.

It's normal that we face challenges handling our performance in life, at work or in front of audience. Sometimes it can be confusing. Therefor, proportionate feedback and objective direction would be necessary to achieve success.

My advantage, coming from the performance approach is that when I speak about acting or about actors, I don’t mean necessary people who work in films and theaters for the purpose of entertainment. For me, all people are actors and all people's actions are based on motives and many other factors.

Of course I can understand the confusion today, where acting became a celebrity status, but this is not the linguistic definition of the term and being a celebrity is not the field that we study at universities and professional academies. We study the art of action. The action is the executive process to satisfy the need to achieve survival first of all success second. And the quality of a professional actor is determined by his ability to observe and to embody the human action. That can be after learning and practicing the art of performance that includes professional methods and techniques.

Every person has his/her unique life experience that creates his/her unique character with strengths and weaknesses. Together, we find your own strengths and weaknesses and create the specific recipe that would be relevant to your unique situation, that allows you to perform more authentically and thus, successfully achieving your goals.

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"Having experienced the front end the deliberating effects for several years of a dysfunctional working environment that had created a significant amount of inner and outer conflict in me, Shredy took me through the steps to address this.

Working with Shredy over several sessions I began to see the forces, energy and interplay of people within the working environment and how this complexity of interactions could be acted out in the word of motion.

This was a fascinating discovery for me and for the first time in my life i could see physical manifestation unfolding during the performance class. Shredy did not give up on me when the learning became challenging.

My awareness & perception was sharpened having completed these sessions and helped me to formulate life coping strategies for the future, Shredy also taught me the power of clear communication and the impact this meant on others to bring clear coded consistent communication. The skills that Shredy have taught me have helped me immensely in developing my career to new heights." J. White, United Kingdom, Team Manager, PERFORMANCE COACHING FOR BUSINESS.

"Shredy Jabarin has helped me to become aware of the communication that goes beyond the words, the non-verbal communication, the real objective of my presentation, the intention. I can learn to master intentions over impulse and become aware of what I really communicate. I enjoy every coaching, from the beginning. I always have the feeling of having learned something about me." Montse Cervera, Spain, HR Consultant at Keysight Technologies, PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING.

"Shredy Jabarin accompanies the actor on his trip to the core of a figure. Unyieldingly, uncompromisingly and sensitively deep to the origin. Always in search of high quality, authenticity and the essence... The essence of the being." Clelia Sarto, Germany, Actress, ACTOR'S COACHING.

"Shredy really takes the time to reach a deep understanding of what you're looking for in your taking part to his classes. Not only it has helped me to become more honest with myself, it also allowed me to be much more observant of my surroundings. All of that in a very supportive and constructive atmosphere. Furthermore is it a very fun experience and Shredy knows how to build a real team spirit." Alissa Tirler, France, ACTING COACHING

"Working with Shredy really helped me to find my way into the characters life and to get the part at the end. It is inspiring to work with him. He gave me a lot of new impulses for my work and the and the faith to believe in myself." Janina Elkin, Russia, ACTOR'S COACHING.

"I joined an Acting Course with Shredy and it was definitely the right decision. Practicing with an authentic and professional actor by your side was an profound experience. Highly recommended." Dariusz Jog Prakash, Germany, ACTING WORKSHOPS