Preparing for castings and auditions

To many actors, castings and auditions are a puzzle that is difficult to solve. For me it's only a technical issue that can be systematically simplified and solved.

As an actor who studied the technique and passed tens of auditions and played in tens of film and theater productions and as a director who created theater and films and made auditions for actors, I'm glad to have the relevant knowledge and experience that gave me the ability to help many actors to pass auditions for main parts in films, TV, theater and for acting schools, international and local.

If you're planing to join and acting school or to join a professional film, tv or theater production, I invite you to allow me guide you through this process.

Text can be in English, German or French.


• 70€ Per hour, for one time session.

• 500€ for 10 hours process, paid ahead.

"Shredy Jabarin accompanies the actor on his trip to the core of a figure. Unyieldingly, uncompromisingly and sensitively deep to the origin. Always in search of high quality, authenticity and the essence... The essence of the being." Clelia Sarto - Actress