Artist Coaching

If you're an artist who's not able to live from your art, you don't know why and how to change that,

If being an artist triggers conflicts and challenges in fields of your life,

If you're a new artist, who's just finished his education and feels overwhelmed and confused about how to start and from where to begin,

If you're an artist thinking of leaving your passion behind, because you don't see how you can achieve what you want,

If you're a performer who had unpleasant experiences working with directors, producers and colleagues and you don't want that to influence your future experiences, I'm here to help with that.

You maybe very close to your dream. Contact me for guidance.

Artists, actors, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, directors face many unpleasant experiences in their different professional fields and working environments. There are  many stories about artists live confused, dropping out of their profession because of confusion, not being able to find the way in this aggressive lifestyle, facing personal and professional challenges with colleagues, partners, family and non professional guidance...

There are many reasons why artists face confusion and absence of orientation. The good news are, that each artist can, with healthy guidance achieve everything he dreams of. All it requires is healthy guidance that comes from real artists who studied their fields professionally and have practiced them since.

Lack of knowledge and lack of professional guidance is one of the main reasons of disorientation and confusion. And it normally comes from engaging with unreliable sources that only create misconceptions and disinformation.

I invite you to allow me help you fulfil your dream. Contact me.

Price (per individual)

• 70€ Per hour, for one time session.

• 500€ for 10 hours process, paid ahead.

"I would probably not be where I am now if I hadn't found the acting coaching of Shredy Jabarin and made it through all the process of the classes.

I probably wouldn't even had made the audition for my acting school.

I was really impressed how professional it all was. And yes it was full of challenges ,but Shredy supported us in our development and always explained everything  really clearly ,making sure everybody understood.

He made me believe again in my dream and in myself. Shredy supported me a lot,believed in me and told me I could make it.

Shredy really teaches the roots and technique of Acting and not inventing or copying something. And this is helping me a lot.

I probably could write more pages."

Vie Moser.