Private and Online Coaching

I work with professional performance/acting techniques from Method Acting, Stanislavski's System and some other sources that are used in professional theater, film and storytelling academies.

All those schools and approaches intend to enrich the performers emotional wealth and intelligence in addition to  shaping the mindset and habits that achieve effective and functional performance.

Effective communication skills, self representation, systemic thinking, improvisation and knowledge of group dynamics are keys in achieving success in any field that we desire.

It's normal that we face challenges handling our performance in life, at work or in front of audience. Therefore, proportionate feedback and objective direction would be necessary to navigate and reach our destination.

Coming from professional performance approaches allows me not only to speak about performance and acting in theory or concepts, but also to embody the knowledge with action. Therefore, knowing what we talk about also by application and emotional experience is an advantage.

For me, all people are actors and performers. The quality of the actor and performer is determined by the ability to observe and to embody the human action by application and emotion, not only with psychological terms and intellectual words. That can be achieved only after learning and practicing the art of performance that includes professional methods and techniques.

Every person has his/her unique life experience that creates his/her unique character with its strengths and weaknesses. Together, we find your own strengths and weaknesses and create the specific recipe that would be relevant to your unique situation.

That would allow you to perform more authentically and successfully.

All coaching themes below are available also online.

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Personal Coaching

  • 65€ per hour in a process of 10 sessions, 1 hour each, Valid for the participants of the online courses, a year from the day of registration. To join the online course, click here
  • 150€  per hour for a coaching session


Special Cases of Private Coaching sessions (not including the online course package)

  • 35% discount for students with financial difficulties
  • 35% discount for self made beginner artists (artists without financial support from parents, government, sponsorships...)
  • 35% discount for young self made men/women


Corporate Rate and Self Organised Groups

  • 350€  per hour


Online Course - The Wisdom of Emotion