Studied in the Faculty of Art in Tel Aviv University in the theater and cinema departments 2001-2004.

Languages: English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, German.


•  Nominated to the Israeli Film Academy Award  for the best actor in the main role category “For my father”, 2008.

•  Nominated to the Israeli Theatre Academy award representing the Cameri theater, 2008.



2014  Mars at Sunrise - Jessica Habie

2013  The Savior - Robert Savo

2013  Kiddon - Emanuel Nekach

2010  Miral - Julian Schnabel

2009  Mrs. Moskowitz&the Cats - George Gorevitz

2009  Carmel - Amos Guitai

2008  Body of Lies - Ridley Scott

2008  For my Father - Dror Zahavi

2006  The Bubble - Eythan Fox

2005  Avenge but One of My Eyes - Avi Mograbi

2005  Free Zone - Amos Guitai

2005  Avenge but one of my two eyes - Shlomo Mograbi


2011-2012 The Day before the last Day - Schaubuehne, Berlin, Germany

2010-2012 Death and the Maiden - Al Midan Theatre, Haifa, Israel

2009-2010 The Wars of Sons of Light - Avignon's Festival, France

and the Odeon Theatre, Paris, France

2008-2010 The second End of Europe - The Nowy Theatre, Poznan, Poland

2008-2008 Gefen Baladi - The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2006-2008 Plonter - The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2005-2005 The Red Tent - The Simta Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004-2004 Masked - The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004-2004 A winter in the Checkpoint - The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2003-2004 Forced Landing - The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


2013  The Jerusalem Syndrome - Dror Zahavi, ARD

2012  Munich 72 - Dror Zahavi, ZDF

2010-2011  Taxi Driver - Eythan Haner, Ethan Zur

2010  Arabs Labor - Shay Capon

2009  Naked Truth - Uri Barabash

2008-2008 Good Intensions -  Uri Barabash


Playing "Jesus" in the film - The Saviour

From the film - All My Father